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. and it was this tall young man standing there. and in a suit. >> this woman's name is katie callow way. she was 25 then, a black jack dealer and single mother. >> i rolled down my window. he said i'm really sorry. i didn't mean to frighten you. but my car won't start. i was just wondering which way are you going? >> reporter: she had no idea, of course, that another woman would come forward to claim the man in the denim suit tried to abduct her just an hour earlier. >> he didn't look to me like what i thought a rapist should look like. >> reporter: katie call way let the man into her car and began drivi in the direction of her boyfriend's house. >> and as i got to the side street i was going to turn on, he says actually it's just past that porch light right there. and at that point he slammed my head into the steering wheel. and just over powered me. he graed my keys, threw them on the floor. had handcuffs out of his pocket. he said all i want is a piece of ass. if you cooperate, you won't get hurt. >> reporter: nothing could have been further from the truth. philip garrido had a plan for katie. they t
, chatty katie. why you might not want to sit here mrs. tom cruise in a movie theater. >>> lebron james and jason kidd are in the giving mood, and dwyane wade is thankful. you're watching "early today." >> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm christina brown. and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> the white house says president obama will head to copenhagen next month. he will slash greenhouse gases 17% over the next decade. on capitol hill, there has been some resist resistance over high costs involved for businesses and homeowners. >>> a leader of a powerful clan named as the top suspect in an election massacre has turned himself into authorities. the politician denies organizing the kills that left 57 people dead, including family members of a rival candidate who wanted to challenge the suspect's plan. >>> in israel, terrifying moments for two children run over by an out of control taxi. the driver apparently hit the gas by mistake instead of the brake. somehow no injuries were reported. >>> and one lucky turkey has been spared from the thanksgiving
network interviews like the one with katie couric. >> there's the perky one, again, with the microphone and the cameras rolling, and i'm like, ng, you know? give me just a couple of minutes to gather -- >> the perky one, you mean katie. >> with all due respect, yeah. nicely, yeah. >> reporter: and mccain aides deny forcing palin and her family to dress up in those designer othes. in "going rogue," she writes -- "my family was made to look like a herd of hillbillies who had come to the big city and started living high on the hog, and that hurt me for them." telling oprah -- >> okay, this is like one of those relationships you have when we're young and somebody says, oh, i just love you the way you are, now let me change you. >> reporter: in her book, palin's chief antagonist was mccain strategist steve schmt. she writes that he raised questions from day one on her views on evolution. in "going rogue," she writes that she told him she only believes in "parts of evolution" and "didn't believe in the theory that human beings -- thinking, loving beings -- originated from fish that sprouted l
'll decide what it looks like for 2012. >> i'm not sure what katie couric's strategy was going into the interviews, but clearly the effect was to open her up to the charge that he doesn't read. is anybody else going to try to do that? is everybody going to be aboard the bandwagon the next couple weeks and help her sell books? >> the oprah interview was not hard hitting, not very tough at all on her. we have a couple hours coming up with barbara walts. i mean, frankly, if you gi her enough time, an hour of two hours, she'll often say things if you make her feel comfortable. if she keeps talking and talking she'll say something interesting. >> she seems like to focus on sticking it to the mccain campaign and talking about her hockey mom status which she seems to celebrate. if we get a lot of this "people" magazine coverage, she wins. michelle? >> she definitely -- on that, she wins. sticking it to the -- i don't know if it's sticking it to the mccain campaign as much as it is sticking up for herself. she came off as on absolutely, you know, she didn't have any credibility, partic
rogue, sarah palin couldn't tell katie couric what she reads and now she has a book to sell. the big palin palza is coming account republicans ride this tiger and avoid getting bit. hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. katty kay, eugene robinson, peggy noonan and michael duffy, first up, the president left the country for a weekend that precious time comes with four 1/2 weeks before the holidays. that includes thanksgiving and all of the prechristmas parties here in washington. the president hopes to snuff out criticism that he is stuck on the tasks he gave himself. first afghanistan. it has dominated since the end of september. through this past wednesday, president obama has held nine major meetings onhe matr. while he has tossed and turned over the war, at least that decision is up to him alone. not so health care. democrats are caught in the great civil war on how to end that battle. nancy pelosi found a three-vote margin to pass the bill out of the house. there is no clear way to the 60 votes they need in the senate. all these months and no clear path to obama's prime go
, senator snowe, mcconnell and baucus are here to discuss health care. >> that's great. you know, katie, this is the closewe
to dois network terviews yesterday on "the oprah winfy" show she talked about her interview with katie couric. >> there is the pey one again with the ceras rolling and i likedang. ere, you mean katie? >> with all due respect, yes. >> have you thought about running for president of the united states in 2012, have you thought about it? >> it's not on my radar screen right now. >> in n "the washington post" absent news poll, 60% say palin isn't qualified to be president. he book is already a bestseller. >>> convicted ponzi schem bernie madoff'sropertys ctioneoff in f uderdale. they are auctioning "the bull" a 55-foot custom yacht, "sitting bull" and "little bl in. "and a mercedes-benz convertible,ll once own by the now-imprisoned financeyear. much of his personal property auctioned off saturday. money goes to the victims of his ponzi scheme. >>> a lot of folks getti a lot of goods there. just ahead on news4 at 4:0 news your health. >> what expecting moms need to know about premature births. >> brad pittnd angelina jolie are going into a new business. >> nasaaking steps to ensure the sp sh
the interview with katie couric. >> oh, must we? >> yeah. did you think that was a semile defining moment for you? >> i did not, and neither did the campaign. the campaign said good, right on, you're showing your independence, and this is what america needs to see and it was a good interview. and i'm thinking, if you thought this was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was. because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: but in the book obtained by the associated press, palin describes the interview as badgering and biased. at the same time she writes that the campaign kept her bottled up from reporters. written at breakneck speed with a collaborator and already number one on amazon even before its release, palin titles her book "going rogue," adopting the mccain's wrap on her. for instance, they called her a diva for wanting to deliver her own concession speech. mccain vetoed that. >> okay, listen up, everybody, i'm going rogue right now. so keep your voices down. available now, we got a bunch of these t-shirts. >> reporter: now it's payback time, and payoff time
designer clothes to arranging that interview with katie couric, which palin acknowledges did not go well, as she told oprah -- >> i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: if her book has a campaign villain, it is steve schmidt, john mccain's top strategist. she accuses his team of trying to glamorize her daughter bristol's teen pregnancy. she writes -- when she confronted schmidt, she writes -- >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: she campaigns the packaging got personal, before her debate with joe biden, she says schmidt told her he was flying in a nutritionist because she was losing too much weight. schmidt calls the account all fiction. when asked about palin's political future last month, he said -- >> she will not be a winng candidate for the republican party in 2012. were she to be the nominee, we could have a catastrophic election result. >> reporter: she is being challenged on some of the book's policy pronouncements. she slams president obama for bailouts and deficits. but during her debate with joe biden, she praised john mccain for bringing folks together to pass the $700
being in remission, anna and katie met for the first time with plenty of hugs, laughter and tears to go around. >> it is wonderful to meet you. thank you. it is just a little something. ♪ thank you thank you ♪ thank you thank you ♪ thank you thank you >> and anna robinson, okay, i'm already crying -- and katie quinn are with us this morning. their story is featured in the december issue of "self" magazine. lucy is the magazine's editor in chief and dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you. we have to tal about this meeting. when you saw her and knew what she had done for you and she presented you then another gift, this necklace, what went through you? >> i can't thank her enough. she saved my life. there are no words to express how grateful i am for the second chance at life that she's given me and the chance to travel again and be with my boyfriend and be with my family. >> and you, katie, you're just watching that and knowing what you've done, i see tears in your eyes. because it means that much to you. >> yeah. >> why? >> it is just a very
cain's staffer nicole wallace for setting up the disastrous interview with katie couric. palin resents top mccain's strategist forcing her to talk positively about her daughter's teen pregnancy. >> she would not be a winning candidate for the republican party in 2012. >> reporter: but sarah palin is winning attention, again. republican insiders say don't count her out and say don't discount how sarah palin's conservative views might push her party to the right. i'm steve handelsman. nbc news, washington. >> sarah palin's book has a list price of $28.99 but many retailers are offering discounts. >>> today in north carolina, they found the body of a 5-year-old kbirl who disappeared last week. police found the body of shaniya davis in a wooded area off of a highway southwest of raleigh. officers charged two people over the weekend including the girl's mother. her name is antoinette. she's charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse. police say davis offered her daughter for prostitution. a man was also arrested. he was charged with kidnapping. >>> the space shuttle "atlantis" is now sa
was up now on that sunday morning. julia's sister, katie jo, woke to a ringing phone. >> i get a phone call at 7:00 that morning. that's what woke me up. it was my mom. and she was absolutely hysterical. >> reporter: lifelong friend stacy racen was alarmed, too. >> she was a very good mom. she would never disappear. she always kept in close contact with everybody. >> reporter: chief milanowski decided hours in that he was going to need help from the county detective's office. three sheriff's investigators were assigned. captain mark fletcher took the command. >> we received the first call that afternoon. >> reporter: right away he had his crime scene techs process the family's minivan discovered in the nearby parking lot. >> we processed that vehicle with a fine tooth comb. it was printed, it was checked for dna. >> reporter: what did you find in the vehicle when you processed it? >> behind the passenger seat was julia's purse, which did not appear to be dishevelled in any manner. >> reporter: so whatever this had been, it hadn't been about a robbery of her. >> no, her cell phone was i
and away from the media. in a one-on-one with oprah winfrey set to air later, she talked about the katie couric interview. >> did you think that was a seminole defining moment for you? >> i did not. neither did the campaign. the campaign said, right on, good, you're showing your independence. this is what america needs to see. >> i'll try to find you son and bring them to you. >> i'm thinking if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was. >> the book hit shelves tuesday. palin is launching a book tour traveling through battleground states, including our own backyard in virginia. >>> just ahead on news4 at 4:00, sneak peek. >> a look at the new movie about the end of the world that hits the box office. >> nasa makes an amazing discovery on the moon. we'll show you what they found. >> monitoring the spam in your e-mail account and preventing yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. >> buckle up, hold on, some scary stuff. a new movie hitting theaters tonight predicts the end of the world is just three years away. it's called "2012" and is based o
campaign missteps on mccain and the media. >> let's talk about your campaign with katie kouscouric? okay. >> reporter: she talks about pressure to do the interview with katie couric. >> if you thought it was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview is because i knew it was a bad interview. >> reporter: wallace tells nbc news it is just fabricated. i never saw her took a note, nor she never contacted me for any fact checking, nor did anyone on her behalf. mccain's told aides not to fire back hoping not to escalate the growing feud. >> i'm proud of the campaign we ran. i'm proud of sarah palin and we continue to have a great and wonderful relationship. >> reporter: if palin's book has a campaign villain, it is john mccain's top strategist, steve schmidt. she accuses his team of trying to glamourize her daughter bristol's teen pregnancy. heart rites, "if they weren't an mind even about an intimate issue affecting my own family, what would they let me speak to?" but when palin confronted schmidt, she ites, he replied cooley, "just stick with the script." she complains that before
with katie couric. on "oprah winfrey" yesterday, sheddressed questions about a run for the white house in 2012. she says she hasn't retreated, she has reloaded. >> does that mean you're reloading for 2012? >> i'm concentrating on 201 0, and ming sure as americans we are on the r road. >> would you tell me if you were thinking about it? >> no, i wouldn't. >> reporter: she's expected to visit battleground states, and the closest she's getting to our area is roanoke, virginia. back to you in theudio. >> thank you, tracy. >>> up next at 6:00 a.m., a live report from china as president obama wraps up his historic visit. >>> and a new report that every man needs to hear. while i was building my friendships, my family, while i was buding my fe, my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed crestor. she said plaque buildup in arteries is a real reason to lower cholesterol. and that along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol, it raises good. crestor is ao proven to slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. crestor isn't f
. >>> up next, home styling expert katie brown with some thanksgiving side dishes, right ter this. >>> we're back for today's holiday kitchen and sides that will stand up to any 20-pound turkey. >> if you're responsible for a dish and you don't have any idea what you're stirring up and tips for your tablescape. >> hello, katie, how are you? >> sides are equally the star at thanksgiving. >> i agree with that. >> that's right. the stuffing, the turkey, the potatoes. well, today we whipped up a really simple and easy and if you guys would each grab your spoons, you could take, what we did we cooked our potatoes and ho hollowed it out and put it right inside your potato. >> twice baked kind of thing. >> a little bit of cheese. it's a little bit different than -- it's a little bit different than your basic mashed potatoes and then you take some of the pretty green stuff and put it right on top. >> is it chives? >> you just ruined my potatoes. >> baked potato. >> that was so wrong. >> she's a guest in our house, kathie lee. >> all right, i'll forgive and forget. >> you put them under the broile
the interview with katie couric. >> must we? >> yes. >> okay. >> reporter: in the book obtained by the associated press, palin says couric was badgering and had a political agenda. some of her toughest words were for the mccain campaign handlers who praised the interview. >> i think if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> as reflected on nbc's "saturday night live." >> well, in that case, i'm just going to have to get back to ya. >> there was a caricature drawn of sarah palin that was unfavorable to sarah palin, and i think the book tour, you know, the appearance on television were all designed to sort of rehabilitate that image. >> reporter: the man who put palin in the national spotlight says he hadn't read her book yet. >> i just received a signed copy of it from her yesterday, so i'll read it with interest. >> reporter: at least one democrat says she sees palin in a new light. >> now i see her more as a family person, as a wife, as a mother, as, you know, someone who does put her family fir
about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? >> yeah. >> okay. >> what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read? >> did you think that was a seminole defining moment f you, that interview? >> i did not, and neither did the campaign. >> all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years. the campaign said right on, good, you're showing your independence, this is what america needs to see. i'll try to find you some and i'll bring them to ya. of course, i'm thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, i don't what a bad interview was, because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: but in her book obtained by the "associated press," palin described the interview as badgering and biased. at the same time, she writes the campaign kept her bottled up from reporters. written at breakneck speed with a collaborator, palin titles her book "going rogue," adopting the mccain campaign's anonymous spike. they called her a diva for demanding a chance to deliver her own concession speech. mccain vetoed that. >> ok, listen up, everybody, isles going
-- >> oh, my gosh. >> that's bizarre. and the getaway car was driven by a katie couric look-alike. great. >> and the similarity wins by a nose. >> oh! >> ouch. >> that was uncalled for. that juwas uncalled for. that was -- >> they say everybody has a twin somewhere. >> mine is an evil twin. >> felon. >> actually, that's the good twin. [ laughter ] >>> let's get a check of the morning's weather from m roker. >> all righty. let's see what's going on. pacific northwest. this is a powerful storm. we're talking waves 25 to 28 feet along the washington/oregon coastline. 130-mile-per-hour jet stream drive in this thing. it is going to be a mess. we're talking about snow levels dropping to 2,500 feet. we're also looking at anywhere from one to three inches of rain. rest of the coun >>> good morning. a bright and sunny morning and it is chilly again. we don't have any freezing temperatures nearby washington. looking off far to the west, though, sky watcher camera showing just a few clouds around. out in the mountains of west virginia and western maryland u isolated spots below freezing. elsewhere
as a sexually violent predator. in 1976, garrido had kidnapped and repeatedly raped katie hall. paroled after 11 years, he then confronted hall at work. >> i've tried to tell them that this man was extremely dangerous. i tried to tell them, because i was the only one who knew how dangerous he was. and they were pretty dismissive with me. >> reporter: hall wants those responsible for the mistakes in jaycee's case to be held publicly accountable. jaycee's lawyer is adamant as well. >> we expect that the authorities are going to take the necessary action and make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: but if anyone has been disciplined for the terrible lapses that may have cost jaycee and her daughters years of freedom, officials aren't saying. for "today," chris jansing, nbc news, los angeles. >> matthew kate is the secretary of the california department of corrections and rehabilitation. good morning to you, mr. cate. >> good morning. >> looking over the results of this investigation, it is just one failure after another for your department. you yourself have called this case horrendous. so
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